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Monday, June 14, 2010

Too Much Screaming

So. I had to scream a vocal part today and am contending with a pretty sore throat. I am not a screamer. Not my kind of style - but for some reason, I got it in my head to break with the norm. Should be back to normal by tomorrow. But no more singing for today. I sound like a horse (not sure why that analogy came to mind - but there it is).

I feel majorly behind today really. Got some good work done over the weekend. But wanted to be much further ahead that I am by the week start. Really want to get into some brand new songs this week and get them recorded with the band by early next week. That's still my goal. But we are in the middle of mixing and putting final touches on songs, which is really important. So we'll see how it goes. I have a lot of structural work on the new material before I can bring it into a session - so I am crossing fingers that I have time to do that extremely important base work.

The project so far has been both easier and harder than I thought. Easier in that there is always a lot of energy because new ideas are always exciting and people have been pushed to try new things instead of talk or think about them. I love that and it gives me fuel - which I didn't account for. However, I've really been dealing with my perfectionism lately. Still struggling with letting things go. But I am doing it, and I hope that it gets easier as we go along. Still looking for the flow...

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BadAndy said...

Yeah No screaming... inside voices