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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sacha Sacket's New EP "Hermitage" - Available Now!

Hello all!!

I am so excited to announce the release of my new EP, "Hermitage!" A limited edition of the record is on sale exclusively at To get your own copy go directly to the store section of the site. It makes a great holiday gift too :)

The limited edition of HERMITAGE gives a more visual experience of the album, with its unique packaging that includes a bonus track not available anywhere else ("The Sign Was Everywhere") along with extra photos, a personally signed note, and souvenirs gathered from my mountain retreat. The record will be available for download on itunes and other online retail stores in 2 weeks. The lead track, "Running Away" is streaming online at and myspace, so definitely check it out if you want a preview of things to come!

We also have the music video coming your way very soon. Stay tuned!

For those of you that want some insight into the record itself, there is a great write up below. More surprises on their way in the coming weeks...

Until then, sending love to you all!


The new five-song EP was written and recorded by the self-taught piano rocker in a California mountain cabin, to which he disappeared after an exhaustive touring schedule. “When you are on your own and haven’t seen anyone for more than a week, strange things rise to the surface,” says Sacket. “In some cases, issues you didn’t even know were there. You think about your life completely differently.”

“I had surrounded myself with people so I could avoid listening to myself. Sometimes running away to some remote corner of the world is the only way to remember how to do that. HERMITAGE revolves around isolation and how that experience can transform you.”

Based on Sacket's pure instrumental talent, the EP sonically captures his classical leanings, while interweaving electronics and modern rock. On the track “Running Away,” for example, Sacket invokes the spookiness of the cabin at dark with the song’s prominent cello, which first duels with his piano before opening into a delta of rushing alternative rock.

“Used” conjures up a world of sweeping alt-rock sounds, xylophone, and an aggressive cello - which all come to together, immersing the listener in a reflective yet remorseful tale of self-betrayal.
Songs like “You Could” take listeners on a swaying, dreamlike ride through accordion-backed melodies and lyrics that, like any great song of the past, are timeless; and “Hold On and Hope,” guides the listener through a delicate arrangement of rain-like drums, piano, and rich lap steel, which finally crescendo into an exaltation of faith and surrender.

Hermitage’s urgent closer, “The River,” exemplifies Sacket’s vocal range and his magical ability to craft a swirl of sound around the listener with each instrument slowly transforming into the next, as he seamlessly merges synths with intricate piano work and electric guitar.

The track listing and track times for HERMITAGE is as follows:

Running Away
You Could
Hold On and Hope
The River
The Sign Was Everywhere (only available on the Limited Edition release)