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Friday, May 18, 2007

Jane Austin, faux hawks, and phone booths

Got my faux hawk even further faux-hawked yesterday. Bleached it out (was just red before)... Twas fun. Going out to Room 5 tonight to show it off.

Obsessed with Jane Austin and at the moment. Not sure why. It's sort of hilarious. Went from Grapes of Wrath to Pride and Prejudice. random. I think I needed the levity. It's such a fun novel - Pride and Prejudice. Walks through parks, commenting on seasons/demeanor/furniture... secrets spilt on letters, card playing, bleeding hearts, corseted desires, intricate plot devices.

It has a Davinci Code-iness to it. Very plot heavy, very addictive. Glad I finally got round to it. She makes fun of all her characters yet keeps them close to her heart. Gave a circle of life nature to it. Optomistic and human.

I guess I am blathering. Books. Books. Books. Not very pop culture of me.

Lots of cool new things afoot. Much I can't talk about. New songs springing forth which brings new life. Wrote my first thing in 5/4 on the piano. Not really a song - but might become one - you never know.

Here is some Banksy for your viewing pleasure...

And a still from the new music vid (photo by kayemee) ...