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Monday, June 07, 2010

Sacha and Daft Punk Make Nice

Today has been quite fun. We are still going actually. Probably into the wee hours again. Got a master to Give it to the Man today (which will likely be released tomorrow), tracked extra synth parts to and finished mixing a song called Chalk, and I re-tracked lead vocals to finish off a song called Caroline. Really excited about Caroline - it lightly reminds me of a Daft Punk song called "one more time." I always have the visual of that music video with the blue alien people in my head when I listen to it :) We actually had it playing on the computer while we were tracking drums and bass to it. Right now it's a bit heavy on the synth action, so i am probably going to track some piano to it but effect the piano out, so it sounds like something else. See how that experiment goes tonight. :)

I'm reading a really interesting book at night (it takes forever for me to fall asleep) called Outliers. It's actually really good for all artists/dreamers to read. Sort of a 'how to' on being the best you can be. It tracks famous figures, using their upbringing and even their ancestry to show how it led them to become geniuses. His big premise is that it's not, as much, nature as it is nurture. Fav story was on the Beatles and their first big gig in Hamburg. They were paid to play 8-10 hours a day at a club while people milled in and out. That's pretty much nuts!!! But they went into it supposedly being horrible live (admission by their own manager) and coming out brilliant. All that practice led to something extraordinary. Anyway, I am not doing the book real justice. It's better than that :) If you are looking for a read and some inspiration - pick it up :)


Clayton Kroh said...

I happen to be reading that very book at night myself! I'm about halfway through. The argument that success isn't based on some exclusive genetic gift or unknowable power, but rather on a more circumstantial "right place at the right time" roll of the dice, mixed with good old fashioned putting-in-the-time hard work (even though 10,000 hours to master something is daunting to say the least), made me feel oddly hopeful and positive.

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