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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Day before the storm

Well today is sort of the day before the storm. Spent some time digging holes for plants and a little bit of gardening. I have no knack for it though - just a huge chore if you ask me :)

Going to be hitting the studio hardcore the next 3 weeks on a bunch of songs and won't get up for air for a little while until my show on July 10th :) Have a bunch of ideas and it's time to sort of pull them all together. I work best under pressure, even if I am running on adrenaline/caffeine the whole time.

Going to post some videos of the process in studio for you soon.

We are finalizing the mix to a new song - "Give It to the Man." I am thinking it will be going up on Tuesday.

Been jittery all day because there are so many ideas in my head. Just want to get them down on tape so I can stop mulling. Less think, more DO.

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