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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why I am MIA and my nasty fall in the snow

Things have been quite nice this holiday season. Went to Big Bear and decided to try snowboarding after a 7+ year hiatus. Shockingly enough, I picked it right up the second I locked my boots into the board. Just like riding a bike - who knew :) The slopes are pretty much empty on Xmas eve - which was entirely shocking to me. I expected the opposite. So if you are thinking of traveling here for holiday skiing - I highly recommend it. Very few people on the 24th-26th. At Big Bear, CA at least :)

Had one nasty fall though. I landed flat on my face at the top of a steep hill and LITERALLY ate snow for the entire length of the mountain. It was so steep - there was no stopping myself. I did a few 360s too. Completely ridiculous. By the time I got to the bottom, I was a living snowman. Snow covering my person, in every pocket, entirely up my nose, down my pants... It hurt, but was more funny than anything. My dad got a good kick out of it. :)

Have more family to see tomorrow for a few days in Idyllwild, California and then I drive to the Bay Area to help friends prepare a New Year's party. This whole holiday season has been very jet set-ish for me. Rare for me. I tend to be a homebody near the holidays. Been hard to get to internet and email.

Hope you all got good gifts this year and families are all in line :)

I'll be back soon enough! Can't wait to catch up!

PS - Playing lots of board games and am kicking booty at Clue!