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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wood Burning Stove

New horizons again.
Never know where these things lead and that is as it should be of course. I know, I know.

It snowed 6 inches overnight.
I have one stove to keep me warm.
There is little room to kid. Very little room up here in my little bitty hole.

Amazing how one thing can keep me alive, can keep me going.
One little stove can heat a whole house...

I am reading a lot of Sherlock Holmes of late. Playing with a bit of detective work lately.

Sweating to uncover truth on the tiniest clues ever.

Sometimes that is how life comes... not always, but sometimes.
How much we all play the fool sometimes.
Too many times.
Two times more than not.
And that is okay
and then sometimes it is not...

here I go
with only a stove

down my

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rocks tied in Trees and other such Devilry.

The cool part of my neighborhood (or one of many), is all the art/imagery/posters that get pasted all over the place. Completely illegally of course. Obey stuff is all over the place as one would expect - but that only scratches the surface. There are tons of kids putting random statements all over the place. And they bring the city to life for me.

Once, about a year ago, someone decided to put 1000s of pinwheels up and down my street. On all the street signs, cars, trees, etc... It was insane. Flashes of color and movement everywhere you went. Suddenly everything was so different. Obviously because now there are pinwheels everywhere... :) ... but there was something more than that to me. It made you look at your day differently, see yourself in some strange perspective. Life had more hope that day.

Another kid would tie up random rocks (some quite large) with these elaborate and beautiful knots and then tie them up in trees. So when you are walking down the street and happen to look up, you see this strange rock suspended in a complex lattice looking thing... there was something marvelous about it. All for free, all completely anonymous... Sort of a signal of life in the industrial-futuristic nightmare that is downtown LA.

The human condition can't be bought and sold dammit. It can't be hedged in by our manic desire for logical progress.

Here are some of my new favs. They change every 2 weeks or so...

And viola - new hair. well not really new - I've had it for a while, but I finally took a picture for the world to see...

Hope you are all being good boys and girls...