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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sacha Fever!

So I finished up the vocals to this song called Cocky. Really glad I re-did them. It has a better feel :) Hoping to get that song out sooner than later - sort of having a love affair with it. They only last so long until the next one comes knocking on my door. But I really am enjoying the song at the moment. perhaps a little toooo much.
too. much. information.

And I started working on new material today. Which has been like a breath of fresh air. I think I was spending too long on some older stuff - making sure it was right. Now I can just make music and not worry about finicky stuff (until I get to mixing of course and then it starts again). Anyway it's much more fun and alive right now. Feel more like a musician now.

If any of you get the chance to spread some of the music around on facebook or by email that would be a huge help! There is a share button under every song at . If you could take the time to share it with your friends, it would help things go a bit more "viral." :) infect some friends with some Sacha fever! Okay that was cheesy :) but reaaaallly. Would love it if you could.
infect your friends with Sacha fever that is....

and now for a picture of my dogs kissing:


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Demetrius said...

Do/be you, man!