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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ukuleles, Sea Turtles, and Too Much Dessert.

A lot of you have been bugging me for Hawaii photos. So here you are dammit.

I know I have been MIA and it's all for proper reason.
Working away like a good little boy.

The trip was the cliche in many regards. Absolutely gorgeous, beaches upon beaches, great food, etc. But I loved it for all of that. I needed some time to do nothing (or as one local band put it: Chill-ax - best song title EVER).

This is Kee Beach in Kauai. It's the western most part of the US, and feels like the end of the world. Pure heaven. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

I ate way too much :) Desserts, steaks, 1st courses, 3rd courses... even by MY standards (I am usually always eating something).

I was fortunate enough to attend Ruby and Nick's wedding on the big island... Partied a bit harder than I thought I would. The best part of that week was that Ruby had one of her close friends, Boy, hand make me a ukulele. The business/art/craft is passed through his family. The instrument is rather incredible and to say I am honored is putting it lightly. Quite an emotional moment for me. It's not often you get a genuine piece of Hawaii passed on like that. I know the amount of work they put into it was ridiculous. I learned a bit and played it for their 1st dance together which was good fun.

Cool picture from the outskirts of an active volcano on the big island. It was pretty awesome to watch the lava burst out of the ground. Much more extreme than I expected.

Family and I at the beach. My swim trunks were RELENTLESSLY made fun of the entire time. I am SO done with board shorts dammit!!!!

Went to a beach overlook where there were TONS of giant sea turtles.

Me swimming around with the locals (and sea turtles). Cliff jumping, kayaking, and rope swinging also took place. :)

And 2 landscape pics for you to enjoy - both taken in Kauaii.

So there is much change happening under the surface on this end. We are taking a break for the summer. I won't be nosing about quite as often - but expect much naughtiness in the fall! :)