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Thursday, February 22, 2007

New song

to be posted next week :)
Stay on the look out!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sister Satan

I opened for a band called Sister Satan at my Huntington Beach show.
Top that! :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Album Cover

For those of you interested...

Lovers and Leaders

1. Hail
2. Judy (for shame)
3. Stay
4. Halo
5. Brandon
6. Maybe You Can Save Me (from you)
7. How Low?
8. Jove
9. What You Are
10. Hallowed (Show Me How)
11. Time to Go

East of Eden

So there is usually a book tied to an album I create... it's a little hard to explain - but for the last 3, there has been a book that pushed me through the entire creative process.

Alabaster Flesh was Joseph Campbell's "Hero with a Thousand Faces," Shadowed was Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment"... I would say that Lovers and Leaders is strongly tied to John Steinbeck's AAAMAZING novel - "East of Eden."
If you haven't read it, I promise you it will blow you out of the water. The movie with James Dean is quite good too. I believe they are making a new one actually...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ashland, Woodridge Reserve Whisky, and Ryan Seacrest's crotch

Ashland is lovely. I would totally vacation here. I didn't expect to be so impressed with it. Expected a quiet little run down town - but found something quite different. Very quaint and character rich - it has a Sausalito, CA feel to it. Lots of art, metaphysical, book, and clothing stores line the main drag. The buildings have a sense of history to them. They look at least over 50 years old (and in America - that's old, right?) There is a huge huge Shakespeare festival that has made the town very wealthy. Supposedly a million people go through the small town in the summer to be part of it. They spend all their money, expound on what play had the best elocution (and how Desdemona gave suuuch a dry performance), and then leave the rest of the year to the locals, who reap the benefit of the cash influx. I wonder if people dress up in Shakespearean garb for the festival - like a Renaissance fair or something... that would be a little upsetting I think.

Oregon is just purty - lots of pines everywhere, creeks, lakes, etc. Parts of the state are really exquisite. Did a drive from Bend, OR to Eugene that was off the charts beautiful. The had little motels that literally perched right over gorgeous rivers and forests. I want to stay in one. And everyone is a touch sweeter than normal :)

Had a fun show at Jefferson State Pub. It's a fantastic bar/venue. The bartender and doorman introduced me to Woodbridge Reserve whisky... watch out. Really nice stuff. :) I have been getting into the whiskys a little bit now. There's a whole world out there - not as snooty as the wine stuff - and I guess I just feel like whisky gets straight to the point - no screwing around. I appreciate it for that. With wine, I like to think we talk on and on like the world revolves around our conversations/ideas/insights. Wine makes people entitled, it fills you with a little hot air... With whisky, you just sort of tend to say it like it is - embarrassing yourself maybe but at least the conversations tends to be more truthful.

Don't know anything about the bourbons and scotch yet - but I will make sure to 'study' up on it sometime. Anyway - I had fun chatting till about 1am after the show.We made fun of the door guy for smoking pink camel cigarettes (had no idea they sold them that way - they're hilarious/ridiculous if you ask me), found out there is apparently a big crack problem in southern Oregon of all places, and that the Shakespearean festival is pretty much one of the biggest in the world. There is some good skiing here too but I hear it's all about Mt. Shasta.

That's the Woodbridge to the left btw.

I watched a little bit of the Grammys yesterday. Not too much. It was nice to see Imogen Heap at least recognized and when Flea grabbed Ryan Seacrest in the crotch, I cracked up... especially since after that, Seacrest proceeded to reflect on the Red Hots to every interviewee - as if to get a grasp on some "pressing" internal conflict.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Newest guilty pleasure - Dangerous Muse

I can't stop listening to their song - Give Me Danger. Total ear candy to me.

I am not a dancer - I feel like a dork on the dance floor :) - but I would LOVE to hear this in a club - I'd totally be molesting people to it ;) Great style too... The lead singer totally reminds me of the lead singer of A-ha for some reason. Something very reminiscent.

Check 'em out!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Reed Pub

Played at Reed Pub tonight. Was a FUN show. I walked in and seriously thought I was going to get my ass kicked for playing a bunch of love songs to some bikers, truckers, and frat guys... It was a tough bar with peanut shells covering the floor, neon bud ads, pool tables, metallica on the jukebox, etc. Instead... they didn't let me stop playing. I ending up going an extra half-hour because they kept yelling at me after each song that I wasn't allowed to stop. NEVER would have guessed it. The Pub really took care of me too. It turned out to be a really sweet night. Many times you really can't judge a venue - the one's you think are just perfectly set up to be the best night ever, can fall way short - and places you want to run away from when you walk in, can become magical and inviting.

Got a funny write up in the local weekly for the show too.
Under this pic it said - "LA singer-songwriter Sacha Sacket bares his soul at Reed Pub. NOTE: Soul Baring may or may not include removal of shirt"

It cracked me up

4 kids told me after the show that they wanted to yell "take it off" at me because they read that - but decided not to test me :(

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Reba Hasko

I have been a fan of hers for a while. You should check her out... Reba Hasko

My fav is Kitten. There is something in her voice... it just does something almost alchemical. She pulls something off most musicians in her genre can't - imho.

Random Signage

This made me laugh out loud.

Did you know that Sleater-Kinney has a street named after them up near Seattle? How cool is that? Wonder who made THAT happen.

Things are good over here. I am in Bend, OR at the moment. Had to drive through a scary freaking snow blizzard on the way here though. Was driving around 15mph at parts and couldn't really see the road. Was also on the side of a mountain. NOT fun at all. It's sort of a psychedelic experience driving through a blizzard against the wind at night. Almost like you are in a space ship going at warp speed or something. I don't get how people can drive 50 through something like that.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Went to a hardcore leather bar after the show named Cuffs - really random but fun. Befriended 2 fantastic people named Michael and Bubba today. Very real, down to earth, and OPEN. Bubba changed his name at about 16, I believe, from Michael to Bubba... just to paint a picture - he is a very boyish skinny white kid from Montana. Did it as a lark and kept it up. Also said he has never lived in the same city for more than a year since he was 16 (21 now). Bubba rocks.

The bartender there, Christopher, had the raddest tattoo i have seen in AGES. A Freddie Mercury quote.

Don't you love it? He was a lot of fun to chat it up with.

There was all this talk about how Seattlites are passive aggressive. How they'll snub you out of nowhere. I thought it was funny. Everyone here seems very real and unpretentious to me - but that is coming from my LA standards perhaps? I still just can't get over how beautiful the city is. Can't wait to get back.

Seattle Show - El Diablo

Had a sweet show at El Diablo tonight in Seattle. Isn't the sign fun? Sort of linking Satan to Pan (the whole pagan smear campaign by the Christian Church thing - like how the triton became the pitchfork, etc). That's how I see it anyway

Met some really lovely folk tonight. (Mr. Brandon Shea... if you get those pics, email them to me so I can post them - mine never came out)

That's KC to the right. A real sweet guy. Dropped by to see me play on just a days notice.

A man named Quinn Hubbard was really wonderful to take some cool pics of me tonight. Accountant by day, music photo journalist by night. :)
Thanks man!

Monday, February 05, 2007


Seattle is freaking cool. Love it up here. My first impression is it's a mixture of San Francisco liberalism and New York grit. The Public Market is lovely There is a real sense of community to it - nothing corporate. They kept it very mom and pop - handmade crafts, etc and I completely appreciated it for that. Lots of people going about their day, doing business. Did not have a hint of tourist trap to it (to me anyway).

I feel like people wear more knitted stuff here than anywhere else I've ever been.

Starbucks headquarters is disturbingly huge. I think the city has a love/hate relationship with it. There isn't one Starbucks ANYWHERE near the Public Market (which I found telling).

It's cold, foggy, and rainy here - very Seattle - and I love it.

I met Jean Claude Van Damme's son. He's short, overly polite, a little paunchy, and has a strong Belgium accent. His father's name came out of his mouth about 2 minutes into the conversation :) I watched a hooker accost him in the lobby of my motel. She kept asking for his autograph... and could barely stand up straight. She wouldn't leave him alone after he mentioned his father. He tried to escape, but last I saw - she was still on his tail. It was pretty hilarious :)

Happy Sacha

Me in studio last month... See how excited I am???? Why do you ask?

Because my new album is coming baby! Are you ready????