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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bugs on my face

So there are ladybugs in my hotel room. I find them in the most random places... Climbing the edges of my sink while "cleansing" my face, hiding in my jeans' pocket, between numbers 8 and 9 on the telephone... I even woke up to one crawling on my nose this morning.

What does that mean?

Do I get sunny skies?
Good luck?
Great sex for a year?

Or are they teasing me with wishes I should be making?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Signage Continued...

I guess I have a profound love for the randomness of the world. I take pictures of things that fascinate me... So here are a few objects for your appreciation...

Who knew being a "hacker" was embraced so widely by academia? A whole book on Hacker terminology????

This sign is posted new my place and it caught my eye for no reason... just found it really creepy, visual, and unnecessary. Very Big Brother of course...

I was walking through the supermarket and almost choked on my own saliva... it's more horrible than anything I have ever seen in my life... American Idol ICE CREAM? I mean... wha????? Whose job is it to come up with American Idol flavors? And is Triple Talent the best they could come up with??? "Soulful Sundae Cone????" I mean... huh????

I am just in awe of this kind of thing... WHO IN GOD'S NAME IS BUYING THIS STUFF?????? Can someone please explain this to me?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Music Playlist: Some old, some new

Thought I would post some music for ya all to chill to... I'll be switching it around throughout the month probably... Enjoy :)

William Fitzsimmons

So... this guy, William Fitzsimmons, is definitely someone you should check out... His music is really lovely and amazing. Very subtle but deeply affecting. My favorite song is "Funeral Dress."

I've had my eye on him for a while - and it's really nice to see he is on tour - so go check him out if he is playing near you!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

A New Sacha Site!?

I was just informed of a wonderful new website called...

The Sacha Sacket Source - !

How lovely is that???!!!
Go and check it out :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

In case you didn't know - I posted a new song! Check it out!!!!

To hear Judy (for shame) - my new single - go HERE!

This is me trying to be cool...Went on a random walk near my neighborhood. Stopped by a mall in Little Tokyo and they had this awesome little arcade. I haven't walked in one in a while and was completely fascinated with the air guitar game. I SUCKED.

Had a show in Klamath Falls, Oregon which had a solid turnout and was a LOT of fun. I hope to return again next year! I took this picture because it felt like a puff daddy/john Travolta moment for some reason... Small planes freak me out though. I am cool with most - but I almost DIED on a freaking 20 seat little thing where they have to balance the weight distribution and make people rearrange before take off. The plane was seriously built in the 60s and we were flying through a blizzard. Ever since I got off of that thing - I have to force myself to think positive every time I get on something other than a 747.

But the drive up to Klamath was beautiful :)

I love random signage... I love that they misspelled Lentil.

Took some random pics and I thought I would share some random outtakes...

So yeah - Judy (for shame) is finally released!!!! I am so stoked you have no idea. I've been waiting months just to start sharing my new album with people and it is finally starting to happen. There are all sort of politics involved at the moment... but the ball is starting to ROLL. I really hope you like it. Can't wait for you to hear more. :)

Some shows got cancelled... Two reasons - 1 being that I got hit by another car :( back from sd
but I am fine and things really aren't that bad...
But what that DOES mean is that I am going to be playing a lot more shows on the west coast. So those of you in California are going to be regaled for a bit this spring :)