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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cormac McCarthy is pissing me off

I am almost finished with this thing called a book - The Road - by Cormac McCarthy. It has been making rounds among friends and I was gifted it twice over. It is a quick read.

The thing is just PISSING me off. I have rarely reacted so negatively to a book before. I honestly can't remember the last art piece that got such an angry reaction out of me.

Every time I open it I get so depressed, I start mumbling under my breath, pondering the gray lackluster experience we call Life.

I have no idea why people adore this thing. I have no idea why it grates me so much. I love it for making me so itchy and hateful, I abhor it for pushing me to such lows. There is no coming up for air. No chapters. Just a string of words that keep getting worse and worse. No hope from beginning to end. And yet with all of this .... I am still reading.

I have to finish it, just so I can have a cohesive argument for or against it. His writing style is wonderful and original. He has a way with phrasing things... yes. But the story itself is haunting me to the point of direness.

Those of you that have read it already... what do you think of it?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dr. Lust, Vocal Condoms, and it's SACHA not SASHA!

Well I have been missing in action from the blogosphere for so long it's ridiculous. Funny how that happens. What's even worse is that I have been collecting pictures for so long now. Thought that I would at least post them rather then let it fade into oblivion. :)

This is what recording looks like at times for me... I will record vocals and piano at my own place most of the time. It gives me time to think about the parts longer and really work on the record in a private way. I prefer to keep everyone else for studio time and my own parts to be on my clock.

My old school pro tools set up at home... just got a new set up actually which I am very excited for.

So I had a show SO freaking long ago in Iowa at Wartburg. They are always so great to me there...

I was even an honorary guest to their dinner before the show. nametags and all :) name spelled right no less... It does tend to win me over when people get my first name spelled right, I get a lot of sasha :) and it's not like it pisses me off - but there is sort of a... pause.

Had a lovely show at Longwood University ages ago. They were really wonderful... tried to get me to do karaoke but I slipped out of it. karaoke is a big no no for me! It just doesn't work for some reason :) I've completely embarrassed myself on those stages in the past. some really bad memories... Notably my version of "Slave for You" still has me in shivers...
how awesome is this and how much would you pay for a voice lesson?
Before a Santa Barbara show at Rocks, we got pizza! See how excited Jenn was?

My sisters dog is rather adorable. I pinned flowers to him on our walk. :) His name is Oliver.
Corey, a friend from LA, sent us a HUGE basket of chocolate and candy to send us off on our tour. It just arrived at the venue (Lestats) in San Diego. That thing lasted us about 2 weeks and probably added a few pounds to each of us (me definitely). It had the GOOD stuff too - snickers, mounds bars - my fav, cheetos, milky ways, musketeers, etc.... Thanks Corey! It was one of the sweetest things to do (sorry - couldn't help the dorky pun).

Chris Robley is one of our favorite new acts that we had the chance to play live with. They tore it up that night.... we are hoping to do more shows together. Check him out and say hi here! See how my name gets misspelled? :)Got dragged to Fatburger for the first time... We have a running joke that I always make them got to Subway on the road. It's usually the only somewhat healthy option when you are traveling. Hardest thing to do is to eat right when you are on tour.

Sometimes when I really have to go to the bathroom - I WILL just break into the girls room - if the boys has been locked for way too long. Jennifer caught me...
I serenaded the girls in the car. I tend to make up songs around people. Not serious ones, like most hear... but completely insane ridiculous ones - just to get a rise out of people. Some of my classics include "Tropical Fish," "Alexa Sexa," Jennifer + Harry Potter = Love," and "Please Wear a Vocal Condom When You Make Sweet Harmony Love To My Voice."

I drag us to way too many Starbucks... see how much Anna and Jennifer love that?

At our Phoenix show we ended up at the most random bar ever. I love stuff like that... Jared, John-Michael (who I've known for years now and has the most amazing place!), me, and Samuel from!

I didn't know what Cheese Crisps were... there was whole convo about them for some reason and then we saw them on the menu. Just love how passionate people got about those things and then freaked out when I didn't know about em. The menu is even insecure :)
It says: "Cheese Crisp - if you need a description for this one, the short bus comes by around 8pm."

I wanted to steal Eric's haircut so I took this picture of him... but it never really worked out. I got a hybrid of my old one with his. It still works, but I think he beat me on haircuts for this month dammit.

Venues always tend to give us free beer you see...

Alexa ran dry and got sad... thank god for her drumming obsession...
Anna's personal beer mug.

We went to this awesome Greek restaurant and started groping the random statues. Yes... I like to grope things... :)

Alexa was having way too much fun over there -so I got invovled myself...Definitely go to the Mad Greek just outside of Vegas. It is hugely popular and there were so many characters in the place - it felt straight out of Hollywood. The food is awesome as well :) just a great experience all around...

In Vegas we played with a lovely band called Pan de Sal. They even had a video display of fireworks behind them. The band is a ton of fun :) call their style ghettotech
They passed out noise makers before the show - so you could play along. :)

Sacramento shows are in a bit of a rough neighborhood - downtown. Both times we played there we end up loading and unloading our equipment amidst homeless people... there is a definite crack problem there. almost an epidemic downtown.
A beautiful sunset. you tend to catch most of them on the road :)

Me celebrating fall and scary enormous pumpkins.Just after the Hayward, CA show. Nick got all the coins to stand upright. It was way more impressive in person :) He and his fiance Ruby are pretty much the most amazingly supportive people. They help so much with our shows up north.

Jennifer finished up the Harry Potter series in the car when we were on the road. It was funny trying to bother her while she was trying to read. I'm pure innocent joy in the car.

Anna all bright and bushy tailed.
the always lovely Alexa.
We ate at a diner and saw this at the front podium. How awesomely random is that. A place called Peters in San Bruno, CA I believe.

I love random signage. We went to a restaurant called "Splash Cafe" in San Luis Obispo. Loved the Clam illustrations... Sorta scary and unappetizing - but oh well :)

I have no idea what this guy is. A dolphin?? It was just disturbing :)
Adam was lovely enough to hang out with us after the show. We ended up at a restaurant next door to the venue where everyone was dressed as vampires (it was NOT halloween inspired). Completely random and freaky. They had a dance floor underneath full of them and no, it wasn't goth. it was just random people in costume having a night of it.

So now what! For those of you that actually read this far... we are working on a bunch of new live material at the moment and I am still writing new songs. Have a ton so far but still feel there is something more to find - so I am trying my best to keep writing and keep focused.

The shows are truly become great experiences - we are really connecting on the stage in a way I didn't imagine. I love that. I've seen all of us grow in some incredible ways. It's definitely affecting the new songs too...

Anyway - I really do want to keep this thing updated more often. So stay tuned!