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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Surrealist Art Punk Dada Music

So I am a little bleary at the moment. I think I have been awake too long :) but things are going well. We are in the middle of finalizing 2 songs and finishing up 2 others. It's sort of nuts juggling 4 songs at the same time - but it's also very liberating. We are going with our gut so much more now - which was my intention with this project in the first place. And things feel so much more alive with the creative process. We just don't time to discuss the eq situation on a vocal and why 2 dbs less on this works. If it works, just lower it 2 db!!! (db is a volume term - decibels).

I have this song that I think is one of the more commercial things I have ever written and it's freaking me out a bit. I love this artier kick we have been on lately and the thought of "commercial" just brings back bad memories with producers long gone
BUT the song is who it wants to be. Created with pure intent, kept the marketing campaign OUT of the studio. And who knows - maybe everyone will be like: that song is sooooo surrealist art punk dada.

Here is a picture of my engineer/co-conspirator Paul who is either praying for death or mixing my song. I can't decide.

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