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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New picture, Banksy, Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance

There is a lot of graffiti where I live... and it's pretty much art. A renaissance of sorts in downtown LA. Deeper than much of what you see elsewhere (unless you visit heavily industrial areas - the good stuff concentrates there). I find truth in it - there is a compulsion to spark meaning from the meaningless. Boring facade becomes place of note, ugly industrial becomes canvas. Message at every corner. These works behind me are cool to look at but they have a world behind them. There is meaning if you really take it in... if you spend the time.

It's not about your name anymore, it's about what you can instigate, how many boundaries you can push.

I have a huge love for Banksy. If you don't know about him - you need to. He truly is a great artist of our time.

Another recommendation: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Great book I read ages ago. I can't explain it without sounding elitist and high-falutin. It talks of the factories and buildings around us - how we have no idea what so many of these buildings are FOR. What do these ugly facades create? Why they are there? It speaks of how they create a sense of alienation from the world around us, from society. I feel graffiti stems from a need to bring expression back to these monoliths. Humanity over Industrial. Expression over Necessity. Individual over Government.

Life sprung from Concrete...

This painting helped inspire lovers and leaders

More beloved randomness

This flyer was on my car yesterday... there is so much wrong with it - I can't even start - but I love it for that reason as well. Mispelling "lose" is so freaking awesome. And having the gall to ask people to send money like that is so damn ballsy.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Look what I did...

So yeah... it's a new phase of sorts for me. Time for a change. I did the eyebrow and lip piercings about 2-3 weeks ago. What do you think? The lip didn't really hurt at all. It was so simple and effortless. The eyebrow hurt pretty bad - but I have had 2 eyebrow piercings before (in college) and was ready for it. You like?

Just got the industrial yesterday - and I LOVE it. Really happy I got it. BUT... it was by far the most painful. I have somewhat of a high tolerance for this sort of stuff (I think) but the industrial pirecing put me over the edge. The first top ear piercing was freaking bad and I heard the cartillage pop when he shoved the needle into my ear - but the second piercing on the lower part of my ear KILLED. Seriously have not felt something hurt that bad in a long time... Your body gets super sensitive from the adrenaline or something when you get pierced - so anything after that is just death. They also have to measure it up so the bar can go through - so there is all this wrangling going on... and after they pierce it with the needle, they have to push the actual bar through... yeah... it went a little past my pain threshold as a whole - I almost lost it for a second there (I get dramatic sometimes - yes ;) but the experience was completely worth it in a strange way. I just really like it.

I did NOT sleep very well last night though... :) I like to sleep on that side and every time I try to move to it, in the middle of some dream, there was serious pain to contend with...

HOWEVER - I still highly suggest getting one :)