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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vegas, San Fran, Crickets, Height Restrictions, and beeeeeeer!

Beautiful lake somewhere. I believe it is in Nevada - but I can't even remember. One of the best things about touring is all the awesome landscapes you come across.
We stayed a night in Circus Circus in Vegas. I thought it would be fun, but it was pretty horrible. The check-in line was 1 hour long! How does that happen? We were so over it. Barely had time to put our bags in the hotel before we had to jet to the venue. Phew! I wouldn't suggest staying there. Hate to be like that - but it was over the top awful. Hotel rooms didn't supply pens or paper, barely soap... and there was an extra fee for staying past 10am - $15!
the line goes on and on...

We had a fun show that night. Lots of beer and chicken wings I believe. Right after we hit the stage, the next band was so loud we had to hide away in the corridors in the back of the venue just to hear ourselves talk. It was awesome. They were called "broken teeth" and brutally assaulted the stage. Complete metal. It was highlarious that we opened for them. They couldn't have been nicer guys. Metal heads are usually that way though.
I thought this was Bob Dylan at first, but Anna said it is Vincent Price. I think she's right. Whoever it is, it looks like Roscoe from Dukes of Hazzard. He was toting pistols. I wish it was Bob Dylan dressed like a sheriff though. It would make me love him that much more I think.
We had a lot of fun chatting after the show... :) Hayden and Alexa!
Doug, Teresa, Jennifer, and Laura!
And the next day we hit up Circus Circus just for the hell of it.
But Jennifer wasn't allowed on some of the rides...
And I just killed everyone at basketball - much to Jennifer's dismay. She tells everyone that she's "good at basketball," but the truth is that I am so beyond her talents... it's like I tell her - it's all in the wrists...
And Alexa didn't win at the ghetto drumming game. The thing was so dated it was really funny... you couldn't understand the rules to begin with :)
She drew a crowd around her regardless...
I made Anna sign up for the trampoline ride thingy.
And we all sort of held our breath...
Up she went and tried to complete a flip.
but didn't quite make it this time around ;)

Meanwhile Jennifer was practicing so she could finally beat me at something. I admire her efforts at least. It's sort of sweet in a "baby clown" sort of way.
She really loves NBA Hoops! (she hit an all time high score).
This was pretty much the only gambling we did. I wanted to play Craps so bad - it's my favorite thing now. But we didn't have time to screw around and lose all my money. I think we put in $5 at the slots and that was it. I didn't even get a bloody mary (for some reason Vegas=Bloody Marys for me, don't ask why).
We really tried with those $5!

It didn't work the way we would have liked... :(
Alexa and Anna were good about keeping my windshield clean. The car was so freaking dirty on the outside. I never wash it... and I don't think I can get away with that anymore :)

We found some really scary candies at a gas station on the way down from I-5. This one is a cinnamon lollipop - except...
It has a cricket in it. They also had some with scorpions, worms, and god knows what. Chocolate covered crickets seemed the most popular...
Anna and Jennifer giving me that ever present disapproving look. But they secretly cherish me... I can just feel it... :)
I was minding my own business and they looked too chummy here...
So I attacked.
And we went a little wild.
No better feeling than beer in the pants if you ask me...
The best part about Brainwash was their Nachos!
Jennifer has a real penchant for fatty foods... she just let's herself go on tour - it's amazing to watch ;)
Anna got a bit carried away with 'em too.
We picked up some hot dogs after the show too on the street - my first time eating something like that... and it was way too GOOD :)
We played a place called the Bistro in Hayward, CA. And it was an awesome show! Really loved the space and the energy of that place. We all had a little too much fun up there, even to the point where the girls got me up there to start improvising a bit and make up some songs :) The girls all killed it!

Someone did a drawing of us all during the show - which we were all amazed with.
We found me, Anna, and Jennifer pretty easily - so we decided that the naked goddess butterfly woman was Alexa :)
on the long drive home...

Anna was really into her paper :)
And we finally got Jennifer to drive! :) It's a little nerve wracking with the trailer and all now - I almost got us stuck in a parking lot at Dennys (Sacramento). Backing up with that thing is a nightmare. Alexa used to drive with a horse trailer, so she got us out of my mess...