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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The damned Batmobile is following me

Saw Batman a bit ago at the Los Angeles Arclight (which I would rate a 7.5/10 - LOVED the first one) and they were showcasing the Batmobile - motorcycle too.

I think I've seen like 3 or 4 different Batmobiles during my lifetime. It's not like I have been trying to or anything. They just keep appearing in places I frequent for some reason. Could be some weird kind of omen - like I really should buy those rubber pants. Or it has more to do with going to too many amusement parks. Or maybe they pimp that thing out like hell. Keep the Batmobiles on the road for years...
Whatever the reason, it was still pretty cool - I'll admit it. I lazed about it for a full 3 minutes.

Was never a Batman fanatic but will probably be Robin for Halloween (I AM obsessed with Halloween. Plan my whole family and some friend's attires months in advance. Try to coordinate a theme. Yeah, it's a little scary).

If I could have a super car - this is more what it would look like.... Car was parked outside my place :) Not sure what it would do. Something with Pez... Will leave it to your imagination.

I'm all about dinky cars. If I could afford the BMW, etc - I wouldn't buy one until I knew I could bashed it guilt-free. I would have to be that rich. Otherwise I'd get too psycho about little scratches and my friends would probably disown me.