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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


New song of the week - Colin - is available NOW!

I felt it was time to do a "Sacha on piano" song and get back to basics. We sort of randomly recorded this song one night when we were supposed to be doing something else. Just got on the piano and pressed record. Hope you enjoy it!

Did you know that my music video to "Used," hit #1
this week on LOGO's "Click List!?" Really exciting stuff! Thanks again so much for taking the
time to put in your vote every week. It's amazing that so many made the effort. And I definitely love you for it. Please help keep me at #1! Vote here :)

I'll be playing live at M Bar on July 10th in Los Angeles. Be there! :)

Sacha Sacket Live at M Bar

Saturday, July 10, 2010. 10:30pm. $10. 21+

1253 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA

And finally... I just wanted to break it down for a sec and send a really big bear hug to all of you who are buying the songs, emailing me supportive notes, and even donating more than the $1 per song. It really means so so so so much - especially with everything so hectic as it is with the Viscera project.

With everything online and streaming and instant and in your face. Just the fact that you are tuning into what I do, is such a huge blessing. I couldn't do this without your love and support. So I just want to just say THANK YOU REALLY LOUDLY for all the positive energy you have been sending my way :) You are amazing and beautiful. And I appreciate you all so so much.

I hope this finds you all in bright spirits!

Things are lovely here. It's getting time to get to recording again tonight! Been practicing on my beat making skillz and am excited to show the results of my latest experiment in the coming months :) Wish me LUCK! It's definitely something new :)

Sending love from LA...


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