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Thursday, June 17, 2010

British vocals and techno rock

So today was great. The allergies went away and let me sing! I had a hiccup with work flow for 2 days but it was good in the end. In some ways I am feeling a bit burnt out lately. Realizing quite profoundly that I want to work on new songs instead of rehashing old ones. I get obsessed with the perspective of the song which - for me - comes from the vocal. Not a fan of just delivering a solid vocal, always searching for something that reflects the mood of the song. Tiny inflections change. Delivery. Sometimes the voice wants to be crisp and other times it needs to be lazy. Breed was a good example of that. It was a hard vocal to nail because it was all in the timing of the phrases and how it was sung. It took me a while to find the right voice. And this one is proving the same. I feel like he is a little British for some reason :) Not in the accent... sort of in the way it is sung.

I am working on a naughty song called 'Cocky' at the moment. The idea has sort of been in my head for years, but I started writing it about 8 months ago and I am finally finishing it up. It started out as pure dance but actually turned into something a bit more interesting. It has this sort of 70ish thing going on that I like. Thinking I might have some remixes done of it - but I have to finish it first before I know :)

For I while I have been experimenting with merging a rock band with dance/techno elements and seeing how far I could take it. A few songs will come out in July that reflect that. It was a lot of fun to work on. And the two separate worlds sort of merged pretty naturally in studio.

Dogs are doing much better now. Jack has gotten used to his dreaded cone and is back to his naughty self. Nice to see.

Just got the masters back from a new song - Colin - today. Which will likely be the song for this Tuesday. Will write a little more on that later in the week :)

All is going well. Excited to get working on some beats and lyrics for this new song that's been itching at me. Hopefully tomorrow while Paul mixes 'Cocky!'


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Tim Lyne said...

Sacha, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the new music you're putting out. I'm astonished that you're able to keep up such a pace while not sacrificing the quality of the tunes (& I'm one of those audiophiles that likes to listen to all the "hidden layers.)

Hopefully I'll be in town for your next gig because it has been too long. Keep up the excellent work & I look forward to seeing you soon!