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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Dance Music

So we sampled some "baby beats" last night which was a lot of fun. Within a few minutes of recording them, I even came up with a little dance number for everyone to groove to. Going to make these little 6 month old twins rockstars or dJs before they know it!

Tracking some vocals today and in general getting everything ready for the week so we can hit it hard again. Overwhelmed with it all - but taking it step by step.

It's really nice having a place full of dogs and babies. There's that baby/puppy smell everywhere, bottles, diapers, cradles, blankets, chew toys. Very primal and comforting. Have some friends bringing ANOTHER baby over just to visit really quickly. So it's definitely a mad house today. And I am somehow getting work done! Sort of amazing.

Just watching the amount you have to do to take care of twins has given me a whole new appreciation for the work that goes into raising a kid. DEFINITELY skittish now, if I wasn't already before :) Magic is in the air though - and it's wonderful to soak in. Hope they actually stay longer - but seeing as how taxing it is (they haven't really slept at ALL), I think they are going to escape to grandparent's place and get proper help. My music skills are pretty useless for them all :) But they'll come to appreciate it once there is a song to listen to dammit!!!!

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