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Friday, June 11, 2010

Babies are going to play on one of my songs

We are recording vocals at the moment. Just taking a little break to write :) My place is about to be inundated by babies in about 30 minutes. Have out of town family coming to stay for the next 5 days or more (perhaps 3 weeks - eek!) and they have 6 month old identical twin boys! I flew to South Carolina when they were born (actually spent this Christmas in the maternity section of a hospital) and saw them in their first moments. It definitely does change you. The limitless possibility of new life.

So I am really really really excited to see them again! It's going to be funny recording and having babies in the house at the same time. I think they have to make it onto a song. Want to sample them and turn them into a baby beat of some sort :)

Hoping to get 2 songs close to complete by tonight. There's a lot of work to do! Got harmonies to lay down next! Wish me luck!!!

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