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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sacramento plus ZIMA equals INTENSE Photo Op!

Well things are warm in Los Angeles. Feels just like summer. Jealous? We had a great run in Sacramento recently - a lot of fun after the show. The venue - Marilyn's on K - is always amazing to us, and the place was packed. Can't ask for better than that.

I was up in the mountains again for a tiny bit. Here is what it's literally like at night. I had to hike up the hill to the cabin again in pitch black (whilst snowing). A car came up as I was walking along the path and it freaked me. Total horror film moment...

Then off to Sacramento! Phew! During the sound check we had extra time for shenanigans. Thought to do expressive photos for your enjoyment.

Jennifer hates to let me play guitar... only acts like it's okay...
I never hit all the right notes it seems....

If you screw with Alexa's drum kit, she will END you!!!!

Probably the cutest picture ever in the world.

All of us trying to look happy/frightened. That equals COOL. Yeah.............

JR, one of the coolest people in Sacramento if you ask me. Incredibly supportive top notch guy.

We got taped/interviewed after the show which was a bit wild. After the show you usually have too much energy and if there is alcohol involved... :)

Jennifer at some point somehow coaxed the camera out of their hands and starting to drink Zima. All HELL broke loose.
Alexa and Jenn with Eric (from Marilyn's). Very very cool guy and uber supportive.

They pasted a signed poster of us on the wall. We all decided to write raunchy lascivious stuff on it. Let our minds run wild. You have to go there to read WHAT. :)
And now the wall-o-fame IS Sacha approved...

On the way back, at one of our numerous Subway sandwich stops (I eat the roasted chicken with no jalapenos thank you), we saw a random ad that said Band-Ana and thought Anna needed to somehow be part of the cheesy aggrandized commercial "rocknroll" give-away moment.

Here is a Live Video for you to enjoy!!! woohoo!!!

And now here I am back in LA trying to make sense of all that nonsense. Going to San Luis Obispo and Flagstaff this week which will definitely be fun (and even crazier - especially Flagstaff I think). We played the Doors cover - "People are Strange" at Marilyn's and it was the show stopper of the night - so definitely look out for it at the future band shows. Yeehaw!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Buddhism and Harry Potter Pillowcases

Made the drive up to Sacramento today. I got home from last night's show at about 2-3am-ish and had to wake up at 7. We had a fun show and debuted "Hail" and a Doors cover - "People Are Strange." I am definitely sleepy. zzzzzz

My fantastically talented guitarist, Jennifer, has been quite a character study with what she brought into the van today. One of my favorite things being - this book.

You gotta love that right? :)

Anna bought her a Harry Potter pillow case to take on the road with us, so she debuted it today. To much fanfare. When we first started touring together, she spent most of her time reading the last book of the series. Which then led to my song - "Jennifer + Harry Potter = Love."

Now we finally have the picture to bring all this full circle.I think everyone sort of needs one of these bad boys. Completely Sacha approved and entirely awesome. You have to have balls to sleep on that thing dammit (or just be awesome on electric guitar).

The girls take to jump roping outside the car (to get the blood flowing or whatevs). Here is Alexa just before tripping Jenn up.

I love watching people's faces at various gas stations around the country when we all start jumping rope out of nowhere.

Anna in super-Buddhist-concentration-mode. Check it out... Chapter 6.
Here they are having a jump rope threesome....

So now I am heading off to shower before sound check in Sacramento tonight. Hope to see some of you there!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A little randomness never hurt anyone...

Had a fun rehearsal today. Have a new cover song to premier tomorrow and I have to say, it's one of my favorites lately. Love playing that thing... hope to see some of you at the Upland show tomorrow or in Sacramento on Friday.

My lovely bassist, Anna, brought her dogs by to take over the loft. They are really cute, happy, and just a little wild. Even left a nice gift before they ran home with mom. :)

Getting a new haircut tomorrow (it's totally out of control now) and have no clue what to do yet! Any ideas?

Want to get new piercings as well - totally know what I want to do and everything. The pain is giving me a little pause though - it's nice wearing headphones without a sharp stabbing shooting sensation :) Especially when I am recording and all...

It rained in LA today! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cow Hoof Canteens!!!

I had a very frustrating day today. Came back to Los Angeles to do a bit of bizness, work in studio, and rehearse the live show with the girls. The drive itself was blah but when I got to the city, it was just one of those days where your schedule isn't going to happen, people aren't necessarily looking out for your best interests, and you end up feeling a little like used toilet paper... Basically, too much drama.

So I decided to take off and go to Olvera street. I've lived in downtown LA for 2 years now and haven't been. It's somewhat of a tourist trap, but I think it's quite quaint and worth the visit. Much better than Hollywood Blvd and all that nonsense. They had some dancers with dramatic headdresses on (Aztec?) as I entered the area.

My new favorite thing were these cow hoof canteens they had on sale. How incredibly awesome/gross are these puppies! I kinda want to carry one around with me and offend/bewilder people whenever I get thirsty.

Found a restaurant that looked the most authentic and decided to have a meal. Got seated RIGHT next to a fireplace of all things. It was very very cool. After fajitas and a margarita - I almost felt human again. Now I need sleep. When I work on music I rarely get it.

But..... I am still too riled and wild, so I am going out to Edison Bar with friends tonight. Need society after my sojourn.... then some rest before rehearsals tomorrow!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

How I Almost Froze on Valentine's Day

Well it snowed like crazy on Valentine's Day. Out of nowhere, we got hit with over 6 inches of snow. No weather forecasted, I was in a t-shirt the day before. Almost got my car snowed in too. A very close call :) I had to buy chains because of the last blizzard - it's no fun having to put chains on in the middle of a snow storm. Especially when you are a gimpy Los Angelene like myself. So I count myself lucky for that.

The next day everything melted into this giant slush pot. You have to take a dirt path to find me these days. It's very cool - being tucked away. I can blast new songs at 2am - no problem. The only thing to keep me company are the coyotes: declaring a fresh kill; a careful moon gliding through constellation and pine; and the invisible night owls.

I park at the bottom of the hill and traverse the path up to this new little abode. Between that and the soot from the iron stove - I am one dirty boy.

I guess nothing has changed that much

Sending love from afar...