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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My New Album is Out Now!!!!

It's Finally Here!!!

My new CD, Sacha Sacket and the LadyKillers: Live at the Zone, is on sale now at !

Available on itunes soon, so stay tuned...

You have to buy it - just for your very own jet black Sacha condom...

We have some nifty interviews and reviews out and about (cool quotes below), so if you are interested in more details on why I played a certain place called the Zone, check some of these out (1, 2, 3, 4). More will be floating around soon. MTV's Logo has also been featuring the music video, "Judy (for shame)" for the last few weeks in conjunction with the live CD release and I know a lot of you have seen it too. All very exciting stuff! Woohoo!

Also, so you are aware - a portion of profits on every CD will benefit ANSA, a very lovely organization. See below for details. If you are looking to do them some extra holiday kindness, visit their site and donate! We all will love you for it and you'll be helping out some kids that really need it.

And for those of you who have been wondering... There will be new live shows in early 2009! Will keep you in the loop.Very excited to reveal what these busy hands have been up to (naughtiness aside ;)
Wishing you all kind and gentle holiday and new year!


Details on Sacha Sacket and the LadyKillers: Live at the Zone

"These songs are the result of an artist with a lot to say and an engaging way of saying it. Live at the Zone will stick with you long after you’ve taken the disc out of your CD player." - Edge

"Sacket makes music that's gorgeously grandiose... The songs on Live at the Zone are drawn from Sacket's previous self-released artist albums, but they take on a harder edge here. And this is a perfect introduction to Sacket, if you haven't encountered him and his rich baritone before. Sacket recorded Live at the Zone with his all-female band the LadyKillers. They offer as much heat and tension as anyone else at the Zone on any night." (4 Stars) - MetroWeekly

Sacha Sacket recently brought his all-girl band to a Los Angeles sex club to record his new live record “Sacha Sacket and the LadyKillers: Live at the Zone.” The full-length album marks the culmination of a year touring together and showcases a gritty reinvention of his previously introspective work. “For me, the location of a live record is paramount to the energy you aim to capture. There was this immediate intimacy going on with the live show and a strong amount of sexual tension with the audiences. It made sense to capture that in a venue with few to zero boundaries.”

There is more to this than just a focus on the inherent sexuality of Sacket’s lyrics and performances. Because the HIV/AIDS epidemic started in places like The Zone (note: the club permits safe practice only and offers free testing), he decided to go full circle. A portion of profits from every CD are earmarked for ANSA’s “It Takes A Village” program that specifically targets children in South Africa affected and orphaned by HIV/AIDS and, with a bit of tongue and cheek, will be packaged with it’s very own Sacha Sacket condom. For more information on ANSA please visit their website at

Track list:

1. Brandon Boyd
2. Cockatoo
3. Stay
4. What You Are
5. Desire
6. Judy (for shame)
7. Maybe You Can Save Me (from you)
8. Prod.
9. I Just Can't
10. Chinese Fingercuffs

* condoms available while supplies last.