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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Allergies and a sulking dog

So allergies took me completely off track yesterday and today. Really sux! It happens every year at least once. And it hit hardcore yesterday. About 8 hours straight of sneezing. And Claritin did nothing at all. Sometimes once my body starts going, nothing will stop it. A shower offered temporary respite. So my voice is shot and I was supposed to track vocals the last 2 days. Oh well. Hoping to catch up again tonight. Crossed fingers. Working on getting 2 tracks of lead vox done - hopefully by tomorrow if I can sing a bunch tonight.

My dogs got "fixed" yesterday - so I guess they had it worse than me. :) It was really hard to make the decision but they are really young, so it's not supposed to be as difficult. I picked them up (sneezing like crazy at the pet hospital) and they had tails wagging and everything - so that made me feel better. Jack hates his cone though. Gets so depressed with it on. He'll freeze if his cone hits something. His sense of space is totally off and he's sulking like crazy. Been babying him a lot - but I gotta sing! Wish me luck! Jameson is totally cool. He's totally independent in general and it's almost like nothing has happened.

Sending love from my cave.

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