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Friday, June 11, 2010

Third take's the charm

Hey all. So I am pretty tired today. What happened. Well we worked most of the day. I had to rent a mic and contend with LA rush hour. That was NOT fun. But I got it, and we recorded Simon Hancock on drums today to a song that has sort of been one of those things that you look at from every angle until you find the right approach. It's been a hard song to frame. I actually have recorded drums to it THREE times. which I have never done before. So I am praying that I don't wake up tomorrow and decide we didn't capture it again. But I really think we GOT IT this time.

The first session was just a mess. The second time, I got sideswiped with someone else's opinion - and let them have at it - when I knew it was wrong while we were recording it. I think part of me was so frustrated with finding the right part - I stopped following my gut and just hoped it would take care of itself - which it didn't (always follow your gut!). So today we valiantly tried again and I stuck to my guns more. And I think we found it. Crossed fingers. The song has the initials F.W.Y.F. Don't want to give the title away yet - but you'll know about this situation once it gets released.

We have 3 more weeks of intense recording and mixing and then I am going to take a little mini-break to clear the air. I want to try some new recording techniques and have to develop that idea a bit.

I really love the live takes we have done recently. The song I am releasing this coming Tuesday - Chalk - was done that way. We all played it together at the same time and that's the take you are getting. No overdubs. We just added a few little touches of synths here and there because I only have 2 hands. But the organic performance is there and you just can't touch that. I am becoming less and less of a fan of recording vocals separately from the band (or doing each instrument individually) - which is how most albums are made. There is something wonderful about a band just playing live together and capturing the moment.

Anyway - going to sign off for now. Got to go drop off my engineer Paul so he can get some shut eye before we go at it strong again tomorrow.

Hope you are all having sweet dreams!


John said...

Getting all "Get Back" Late Beatles in your approach to recording- nice. Looking forward to your new stuff.

Demetrius said...

Agreed on recording it altogether, gives us listeners more vibe and otherwise I find. As well, let them band bond and things ripple from their for the song/s, show/s and well-beyond. That is, let's have people connect even with all our great technologies.

Cheers man!