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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sacramento plus ZIMA equals INTENSE Photo Op!

Well things are warm in Los Angeles. Feels just like summer. Jealous? We had a great run in Sacramento recently - a lot of fun after the show. The venue - Marilyn's on K - is always amazing to us, and the place was packed. Can't ask for better than that.

I was up in the mountains again for a tiny bit. Here is what it's literally like at night. I had to hike up the hill to the cabin again in pitch black (whilst snowing). A car came up as I was walking along the path and it freaked me. Total horror film moment...

Then off to Sacramento! Phew! During the sound check we had extra time for shenanigans. Thought to do expressive photos for your enjoyment.

Jennifer hates to let me play guitar... only acts like it's okay...
I never hit all the right notes it seems....

If you screw with Alexa's drum kit, she will END you!!!!

Probably the cutest picture ever in the world.

All of us trying to look happy/frightened. That equals COOL. Yeah.............

JR, one of the coolest people in Sacramento if you ask me. Incredibly supportive top notch guy.

We got taped/interviewed after the show which was a bit wild. After the show you usually have too much energy and if there is alcohol involved... :)

Jennifer at some point somehow coaxed the camera out of their hands and starting to drink Zima. All HELL broke loose.
Alexa and Jenn with Eric (from Marilyn's). Very very cool guy and uber supportive.

They pasted a signed poster of us on the wall. We all decided to write raunchy lascivious stuff on it. Let our minds run wild. You have to go there to read WHAT. :)
And now the wall-o-fame IS Sacha approved...

On the way back, at one of our numerous Subway sandwich stops (I eat the roasted chicken with no jalapenos thank you), we saw a random ad that said Band-Ana and thought Anna needed to somehow be part of the cheesy aggrandized commercial "rocknroll" give-away moment.

Here is a Live Video for you to enjoy!!! woohoo!!!

And now here I am back in LA trying to make sense of all that nonsense. Going to San Luis Obispo and Flagstaff this week which will definitely be fun (and even crazier - especially Flagstaff I think). We played the Doors cover - "People are Strange" at Marilyn's and it was the show stopper of the night - so definitely look out for it at the future band shows. Yeehaw!

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