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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cow Hoof Canteens!!!

I had a very frustrating day today. Came back to Los Angeles to do a bit of bizness, work in studio, and rehearse the live show with the girls. The drive itself was blah but when I got to the city, it was just one of those days where your schedule isn't going to happen, people aren't necessarily looking out for your best interests, and you end up feeling a little like used toilet paper... Basically, too much drama.

So I decided to take off and go to Olvera street. I've lived in downtown LA for 2 years now and haven't been. It's somewhat of a tourist trap, but I think it's quite quaint and worth the visit. Much better than Hollywood Blvd and all that nonsense. They had some dancers with dramatic headdresses on (Aztec?) as I entered the area.

My new favorite thing were these cow hoof canteens they had on sale. How incredibly awesome/gross are these puppies! I kinda want to carry one around with me and offend/bewilder people whenever I get thirsty.

Found a restaurant that looked the most authentic and decided to have a meal. Got seated RIGHT next to a fireplace of all things. It was very very cool. After fajitas and a margarita - I almost felt human again. Now I need sleep. When I work on music I rarely get it.

But..... I am still too riled and wild, so I am going out to Edison Bar with friends tonight. Need society after my sojourn.... then some rest before rehearsals tomorrow!

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Elwood said...

Next time you go to Olvera Street make sure you check out the churro stand near the stage area. They have really good chocolate filled ones! :)