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Friday, February 22, 2008

Buddhism and Harry Potter Pillowcases

Made the drive up to Sacramento today. I got home from last night's show at about 2-3am-ish and had to wake up at 7. We had a fun show and debuted "Hail" and a Doors cover - "People Are Strange." I am definitely sleepy. zzzzzz

My fantastically talented guitarist, Jennifer, has been quite a character study with what she brought into the van today. One of my favorite things being - this book.

You gotta love that right? :)

Anna bought her a Harry Potter pillow case to take on the road with us, so she debuted it today. To much fanfare. When we first started touring together, she spent most of her time reading the last book of the series. Which then led to my song - "Jennifer + Harry Potter = Love."

Now we finally have the picture to bring all this full circle.I think everyone sort of needs one of these bad boys. Completely Sacha approved and entirely awesome. You have to have balls to sleep on that thing dammit (or just be awesome on electric guitar).

The girls take to jump roping outside the car (to get the blood flowing or whatevs). Here is Alexa just before tripping Jenn up.

I love watching people's faces at various gas stations around the country when we all start jumping rope out of nowhere.

Anna in super-Buddhist-concentration-mode. Check it out... Chapter 6.
Here they are having a jump rope threesome....

So now I am heading off to shower before sound check in Sacramento tonight. Hope to see some of you there!

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Simran said...

I think those Harry Potter pillowcases are sort of outdated now and Daniel Radcliffe's got some serious competition coming his way from the brand new Prince Caspian-BEN BARNES!!
I just saw the trailer of the latest Narnia movie- Prince Caspian and I cant tell you how eagerly I am awaiting the release of this movie. It promises to be outstanding by the looks of the trailer. Watch it here-
The war sequences, special effects and the background score are truly breath-taking. Dont miss it, it'll enthrall you for sure. And just in case it might interest you, The Chronicles of Narnia was voted to be the best fantasy books ever written by a recent British survey of over 4000 people. Harry Potter ranked 6th!! Surprising ha?!