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Saturday, February 16, 2008

How I Almost Froze on Valentine's Day

Well it snowed like crazy on Valentine's Day. Out of nowhere, we got hit with over 6 inches of snow. No weather forecasted, I was in a t-shirt the day before. Almost got my car snowed in too. A very close call :) I had to buy chains because of the last blizzard - it's no fun having to put chains on in the middle of a snow storm. Especially when you are a gimpy Los Angelene like myself. So I count myself lucky for that.

The next day everything melted into this giant slush pot. You have to take a dirt path to find me these days. It's very cool - being tucked away. I can blast new songs at 2am - no problem. The only thing to keep me company are the coyotes: declaring a fresh kill; a careful moon gliding through constellation and pine; and the invisible night owls.

I park at the bottom of the hill and traverse the path up to this new little abode. Between that and the soot from the iron stove - I am one dirty boy.

I guess nothing has changed that much

Sending love from afar...

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