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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Return to OZ and electro-rock

I'm pretty tired at the moment. Just finished my legwork on Helium for the mixer tomorrow. Had to add a bunch of background vox and it took a bit to get things working. Spent a lot of the day working on some new music. I've been getting more and more into electro-rock and even techno. Really want to see where I can take that world. It's been an experiment. Working with various beats and dance synths. We'll see where it goes. Might never see the light of day or it could be a whole new thing :)

Other than that. I am going to spend my remaining 30 minutes before bed having a beer and eating cottage cheese. For some weird reason I decided to watch Return to OZ. Don't ask why. I remembered that scene where she has to find her friends that were changed into inanimate objects. She had like 3 chances or something to pick the right objects. Anyway. I felt like watching it :) Very random.


Steve said...

HAHA-I loved that movie! It's sooo weird that I came across this because just recently that very scene was in my head--haven't seen the movie in many years. Can't believe you even saw the movie--I never hear people who have, but the fact that you thought of that same scene--wonder that that's about.
Just checking out your blog after hearing Helium and reading your weekly email.
Some day I should tell you about how I was listening to your music during one of the worst days ever. Let's just say while I was listening to it, my car was being massacred. This kick-started the worst year of my life.

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