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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another day

So I am starting work a little later today. Working on a song called Creeping at the moment. Need to finish it up, still a bunch of beat programming to get into and other nonsense. It's definitely a fun song. Just got the master to Snake in the Road today which will be released today as well and it sounds great! Phew!

One of my closest friend's mother died this morning and it's definitely affecting me. We were extremely close as families growing up. Our parents knew each other right around when they got married. So we grew up together. Both of their parents have died about a year apart from each other. It's just incredibly difficult. It was a brain cancer.

Hope you enjoy the song today


Steve said...

So sorry to hear that. Death is so awful in so many ways. Lost my grandma last January and a classmate due to car accident this summer.
Your story sounds like my parents' good friends--when they were only married 3 years they moved here and the first couple they met became huge friends to this day. Happened to live next door. Their son and I became best friends a decade later and hung out through high school, so they're like a second family.
Use this for your art--I created a great poem loved by my whole family about my grandma's life. I've also written one about her wall of family photos, linking it to our family tree. Pretty moving, even for it on her 1 year anniversary and lost it--couldn't believe I was affected by my own writing.

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