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Monday, February 05, 2007


Seattle is freaking cool. Love it up here. My first impression is it's a mixture of San Francisco liberalism and New York grit. The Public Market is lovely There is a real sense of community to it - nothing corporate. They kept it very mom and pop - handmade crafts, etc and I completely appreciated it for that. Lots of people going about their day, doing business. Did not have a hint of tourist trap to it (to me anyway).

I feel like people wear more knitted stuff here than anywhere else I've ever been.

Starbucks headquarters is disturbingly huge. I think the city has a love/hate relationship with it. There isn't one Starbucks ANYWHERE near the Public Market (which I found telling).

It's cold, foggy, and rainy here - very Seattle - and I love it.

I met Jean Claude Van Damme's son. He's short, overly polite, a little paunchy, and has a strong Belgium accent. His father's name came out of his mouth about 2 minutes into the conversation :) I watched a hooker accost him in the lobby of my motel. She kept asking for his autograph... and could barely stand up straight. She wouldn't leave him alone after he mentioned his father. He tried to escape, but last I saw - she was still on his tail. It was pretty hilarious :)


Kc Coma said...

aww sad, you missed the very first Starbucks right across the street from the Pike Place Market :) Eh, you didn't miss much really, its pretty dodgy and rustic... :) Hope you enjoyed your stay in Seattle, Great show at El Diablo~ KC

Andrew & Daniel said...

Seattle is awesome. Too bad I wasn't there to see your show :( tear!!