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Friday, February 09, 2007

Reed Pub

Played at Reed Pub tonight. Was a FUN show. I walked in and seriously thought I was going to get my ass kicked for playing a bunch of love songs to some bikers, truckers, and frat guys... It was a tough bar with peanut shells covering the floor, neon bud ads, pool tables, metallica on the jukebox, etc. Instead... they didn't let me stop playing. I ending up going an extra half-hour because they kept yelling at me after each song that I wasn't allowed to stop. NEVER would have guessed it. The Pub really took care of me too. It turned out to be a really sweet night. Many times you really can't judge a venue - the one's you think are just perfectly set up to be the best night ever, can fall way short - and places you want to run away from when you walk in, can become magical and inviting.

Got a funny write up in the local weekly for the show too.
Under this pic it said - "LA singer-songwriter Sacha Sacket bares his soul at Reed Pub. NOTE: Soul Baring may or may not include removal of shirt"

It cracked me up

4 kids told me after the show that they wanted to yell "take it off" at me because they read that - but decided not to test me :(


Anonymous said...

that's awesome. i know what you mean with venues sometimes feeling really sketch and then being really great. it happens quite often.

glad your show went well and i can't wait for your new cd.


Mateo said...

Sacha is now a sex symbol in some small western state. Who would have guessed? I would have yelled it out for sure. They don't know what they missed. =) Sacha can't wait for you to hit your CALI dates, I am going to be there for a few. I cant wait for the new stuff and most of all I can't wait to see you again. Godspeed my beautiful friend. Remember I get a seat at the Grammys cause I followed so closely and am the BIGGEST fan. Love ya loads MIL BESOS ...MATEO