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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ashland, Woodridge Reserve Whisky, and Ryan Seacrest's crotch

Ashland is lovely. I would totally vacation here. I didn't expect to be so impressed with it. Expected a quiet little run down town - but found something quite different. Very quaint and character rich - it has a Sausalito, CA feel to it. Lots of art, metaphysical, book, and clothing stores line the main drag. The buildings have a sense of history to them. They look at least over 50 years old (and in America - that's old, right?) There is a huge huge Shakespeare festival that has made the town very wealthy. Supposedly a million people go through the small town in the summer to be part of it. They spend all their money, expound on what play had the best elocution (and how Desdemona gave suuuch a dry performance), and then leave the rest of the year to the locals, who reap the benefit of the cash influx. I wonder if people dress up in Shakespearean garb for the festival - like a Renaissance fair or something... that would be a little upsetting I think.

Oregon is just purty - lots of pines everywhere, creeks, lakes, etc. Parts of the state are really exquisite. Did a drive from Bend, OR to Eugene that was off the charts beautiful. The had little motels that literally perched right over gorgeous rivers and forests. I want to stay in one. And everyone is a touch sweeter than normal :)

Had a fun show at Jefferson State Pub. It's a fantastic bar/venue. The bartender and doorman introduced me to Woodbridge Reserve whisky... watch out. Really nice stuff. :) I have been getting into the whiskys a little bit now. There's a whole world out there - not as snooty as the wine stuff - and I guess I just feel like whisky gets straight to the point - no screwing around. I appreciate it for that. With wine, I like to think we talk on and on like the world revolves around our conversations/ideas/insights. Wine makes people entitled, it fills you with a little hot air... With whisky, you just sort of tend to say it like it is - embarrassing yourself maybe but at least the conversations tends to be more truthful.

Don't know anything about the bourbons and scotch yet - but I will make sure to 'study' up on it sometime. Anyway - I had fun chatting till about 1am after the show.We made fun of the door guy for smoking pink camel cigarettes (had no idea they sold them that way - they're hilarious/ridiculous if you ask me), found out there is apparently a big crack problem in southern Oregon of all places, and that the Shakespearean festival is pretty much one of the biggest in the world. There is some good skiing here too but I hear it's all about Mt. Shasta.

That's the Woodbridge to the left btw.

I watched a little bit of the Grammys yesterday. Not too much. It was nice to see Imogen Heap at least recognized and when Flea grabbed Ryan Seacrest in the crotch, I cracked up... especially since after that, Seacrest proceeded to reflect on the Red Hots to every interviewee - as if to get a grasp on some "pressing" internal conflict.

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