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Sunday, March 04, 2007

In case you didn't know - I posted a new song! Check it out!!!!

To hear Judy (for shame) - my new single - go HERE!

This is me trying to be cool...Went on a random walk near my neighborhood. Stopped by a mall in Little Tokyo and they had this awesome little arcade. I haven't walked in one in a while and was completely fascinated with the air guitar game. I SUCKED.

Had a show in Klamath Falls, Oregon which had a solid turnout and was a LOT of fun. I hope to return again next year! I took this picture because it felt like a puff daddy/john Travolta moment for some reason... Small planes freak me out though. I am cool with most - but I almost DIED on a freaking 20 seat little thing where they have to balance the weight distribution and make people rearrange before take off. The plane was seriously built in the 60s and we were flying through a blizzard. Ever since I got off of that thing - I have to force myself to think positive every time I get on something other than a 747.

But the drive up to Klamath was beautiful :)

I love random signage... I love that they misspelled Lentil.

Took some random pics and I thought I would share some random outtakes...

So yeah - Judy (for shame) is finally released!!!! I am so stoked you have no idea. I've been waiting months just to start sharing my new album with people and it is finally starting to happen. There are all sort of politics involved at the moment... but the ball is starting to ROLL. I really hope you like it. Can't wait for you to hear more. :)

Some shows got cancelled... Two reasons - 1 being that I got hit by another car :( back from sd
but I am fine and things really aren't that bad...
But what that DOES mean is that I am going to be playing a lot more shows on the west coast. So those of you in California are going to be regaled for a bit this spring :)


mateo said...

Can it be true? Is it possible that the one and only Sacha Sacket has released the long awaited single from his new CD? I can't believe its true. But I heard it myself so I verified the accuracy of the information. Great job. Who knew? LOL Congrats on the great song and cant wait till its in my hot little hands. And for the record, I had an accident on the way to see you in Santa Barbara. So we are touring partners in more ways than one. LOL..hugs Sacha..keep up the great stuff....

liannaa said...

Is Santa Fe one of the canceled venues?

Sacha Sacket said...

yup :( really sorry about that!