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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bugs on my face

So there are ladybugs in my hotel room. I find them in the most random places... Climbing the edges of my sink while "cleansing" my face, hiding in my jeans' pocket, between numbers 8 and 9 on the telephone... I even woke up to one crawling on my nose this morning.

What does that mean?

Do I get sunny skies?
Good luck?
Great sex for a year?

Or are they teasing me with wishes I should be making?


Stefan said...

Seems to me those four were wishes in and on themselves ;P

Ladybugs are great... did you know they're called 'LieveHeersbeestjes' in dutch?.. rough translation: 'sweet Lords bugs'..or ' Lovely Lords Bugs'

How strange and facinating

Mateo said...

As far as I am concerned you could have any and all of those wishes. The lady bugs were just your confirmation. Sort of a sign from "above"...

I mean think of it, it could have been le roaches, LOL...hope you're having a great week. Mil besos!


jkuk said...

We call them Ladybirds in Blighty. Which is kind of strange because birds is northen slang for chicks/women. So that makes ladybirds, Ladyladies.

Anyways, there's this children's nursery rhyme that goes...

Ladybird, ladybird fly away home,
Your house is on fire and your children are gone,
All except one,
And her name is Ann,
And she hid under the frying pan.

No idea what that means in terms of semiotics and your lady bugs, although seeing as they eat aphids, it could be a good sign that you have some pest control between the 8 and the 9.

Looking forward to the new album with much-ery.
(Though your piercings scare me.)