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Friday, November 05, 2010

cough cough couch

Hey all. I'm making up for the last 2 weeks of disappearance guys. I have this hacking cough which just sort of takes over every time I try and sing. One of those things I guess. Just want you to know, the songs are ready and waiting. Hoping to release 3 this Tuesday if all looks good on the vocal front :) Thanks for sticking by me


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Bill Realman Stella said...

Well, that's what I get for not reading other folks' blogs, even when I sign up to "follow" them...

Sacha, I didn't ever realize until now that apparently part of the choice to conclude Viscera had to do with the end-of-2010 voice issues you mention. But I'm not attending to my own blog, except that the reason I'm here now is because I was: I changed to my blog's profile, and saw I hadn't visited the list of blogs I "follow" in ages, and started clicking them. Then, when I saw that the only other comment on this entry amounted to an ad, that motivated me to leave this extremely late check-in of sorts.

I won't even ask for new music, because I believe somehow too few people were made aware of how much great music / how many great songs were part of Viscera, and first it still needs to find the publicity and audience it deserves. Looking forward to helping with that.

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