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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prop 8, Obama, and this bittersweet election

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Charles Kerry Perkins said...

Oh Sacha - I Love You.

I wish I was there with you all, I don't know how I could have help - but I wish I was there.

I spent as much time as I could with the Wisconsin campaign and I was crushed when we lost. And to this day I can't believe a State that pioneered rights in 1982 to stop sexual-orientation discrimination - went backwards.

It hurts - but I just have to believe things have to get better. I have to get back to fighting (school has been bogging me down). But I need to get back up - for the couples I look up to with kids. For those who dream of families - those younger than me - those who have a hard time holding hand. And for my partner and me.

Sorry Sacha for the long post - it has been a bit of emotion moments here and there. Thank you for posting your video. And Thank You for your wonderful talents.
I can't wait for our rally tomorrow in support for CA, WI and you.

Oh - holding hands in the beginning may be a little uncomfy, but it will get better. Now if I can stop worrying about people staring at us when I head home to Milwaukee. :-)