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Monday, October 29, 2007

The White Rabbit

I was the White Rabbit this Saturday and went wild.
White everything - tux, face, hair, rabbit feet, hands... red nose.
I think Halloween is my favorite.
Nothing better than seeing people
as archetypes.
Lose themselves,
Become something more,
sometimes better,
but beautiful.

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Mitchell said...

As I said, I absolutely adore Hallowe'en, ever since I was a wee bit. I don't think I shall ever stop dressing up for it! haha. I haven't had a Hallowe'en party for the last several years, or one to go to. ::sadness:: haha. Oh! and Happy Hallowe'en!!! Just thought I'd leave a comment on this blog with your Joseph Campbelly self! (which I appreciate by the way, what with the whole talk of archetypes, and such) ;]

with love,